Private information transiting the IPC boundary

Status: Requires privileged user to exploit

Information used to derive the encryption key used to save all sensitive data to the file system cross the boundary between the UI front-end and the App backend.

Intercepting this information requires a privileged position on the local machine.

Testing Status

Cwtch features one well-defined integration test which exercise the ideal case of three well-formed peers authenticating and messaging each other through an untrusted server.

Tests are run with the -race flag which will cause them to fail if race conditions are detected.

Both integration tests and unit tests are run automatically for every pull request and main branch merge.

Resolved or Outdated Risks

Dependency on Outdated Protobuf Implementation

Status: Mitigated

The group features of Cwtch are enabled by an untrusted infrastructure protcol that was originally implemented using the older ricochet-based channels. The go code that was generated from these channels no longer works given the newest version of the protobufs framework.

We have removed protobufs entirely from the project by porting this functionality over the Tapir.

Proof of Work (PoW) Spam Prevention as a Metadata Vector

Status: Outdated: Cwtch now uses Token Based Services to separate challenges like PoW from resolving the tokens.

Processing capabilities are not constant, and so a malicious server could perform some correlations/fiddle with difficulty per connection in an attempt to identify connections over time.

Needs some statistical experimentation to quantify, but given the existing research detecting timeskews over Tor I wouldn't be surprised if this could be derived.

As for mitigation: Adding a random time skew might be an option,some defense against the server adjusting difficulty too often would also mitigate some of the more extreme vectors.

Additionally, Token Based Services and Peer-based Groups are both potential options for eliminating this attack vector entirely.

Thread Safety

Status: Mitigated

The Cwtch library evolved from a prototype that had weak checks around concurrency, and the addition of singleton behavior around saving profiles to files and protocol engines resulted in race conditions.

The inclusion of the Event Bus made handling such cases easier, and the code is now tested via unit tests and integration test running the -race flag.